I gave you my all.

I was skeptical about our relationship at first until you showed me that you “loved” me and that I could trust you. I thought you wanted me. I thought you were mine. I thought I would stay with you forever. I thought we were “forever & more”. I thought you cared for me. I thought you would never break my heart. I thought you would believe me over this random bystander. Crying to sleep ever since you said “I think we should break up” I understood the “reason”. But, of course. It was something else behind it. You didn’t want me. You never did. Why play with my heart? What did I do? I was nothing but a good girlfriend. I feel betrayed. Then you go back to your ex that you still had feelings for. If you did, why even consider going out with me? Why fuck with me? I’ve been through too much to have ANOTHER heart break. I gave you all my love. I waited for 2 years to get into another relationship. And this is the bullshit I waited for? No. I hope you two are happy. 

-I’ll be off for awhile. 

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